1. Dear Allan,

    I have to say I recently received an email from someone called Rachel who issued an “ultimatum” about removing names from the mailing list if they didn’t reply.
    I took exception to the wording, especially as this week will be the 4th anniversary of Bernard’s death. She also tried to tell me that the Marguerite Bay reunions had only been going for 10 years! As you well know Bernard and I attended most reunions for over 30 years with many of the original FIDS, Peter Bird, Neil Marsden and yours truly to name just 3. I think she should get her facts right and refrain from issuing ultimatums! I have told her I am never going to attend a reunion on my own anyway, but a nicer phrased email would have been appreciated.

    Best wishes for a successful reunion
    Helen Chappel
    Widow of Bernard Chappel

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