NOC open day

Latest news from NOC and BAS

An international team of researchers, led by British Antarctic Survey (BAS), travels to the sub-Antarctic island of South Georgia this month (January) to carry out the first scientific whale survey since whaling stopped in the 1970s. The G7 Future of the Seas and Oceans Working Group workshop took place in London on 12-13 December, and was attended by Government officials, funding agencies as well as marine scientists and specialists from across the G7. RRS James Cook spends Christmas on the Mid-Atlantic ridge and more….

BAS scientists visit hidden Antarctic ecosystem

A team of scientists, led by BAS is planning an urgent mission to investigate a mysterious marine ecosystem that’s been hidden beneath the Larsen C Ice Shelf for up to 120,000 years. The recent calving event in July resulted in a massive iceberg that exposed around 5,818 km2 of seabed. The research team is planning a ship-borne research cruise on the RRS James Clark Ross in February 2018, to investigate the area before its biological communities begin to change. The press release can be read in full on the BAS website here.