British Antarctic Survey Club

The British Antarctic Survey Club (BAS Club) is a club for past employees of Operation Tabarin, the Falkland Islands Dependencies Survey (FIDS), past and present members of the British Antarctic Survey, and individuals who have been closely associated with these organisations.

Membership is also be open to individuals whose work and/or interests in Antarctic matters merit it, particularly in respect of British Antarctic Territory, at the sole and absolute discretion of the BAS Club Committee.

If a person considers that they would like to join, and that they maybe eligible to join, the BAS Club they can complete a Membership Form. This can be found under the ‘drop down menu’ ABOUT submenu MEMBERSHIP

More information in regards to BAS Club membership can also be found under the page MEMBERSHIP

The British Antarctic Survey Club (BAS Club) brings together past and present persons and serves to foster and maintain, through a series of social and other activities, the close comradeship and good fellowship which was built up amongst the men and women who worked together in Antarctica.

The BAS Club operates under an elected committee which follows a Constitution and Management Plan – all new members are encouraged to read both of these.

The BAS Club holds an AGM and Reunion Dinner at a time close to the Midwinter of each year. Further events include those organised by various base-related groups such as Hope Bay Base; South Georgia; Marguerite Bay, Halley Bay at different times of the year

The BAS club encourages, and assists, as appropriate, other members’ reunions, meetings, lectures, film shows and memorial projects.

The BAS Club Members are kept in touch with Antarctic activities via the BAS Club website, via Social Media, via the BAS Club Magazine, and by arranging an Annual BAS Club Reunion.

The BAS Club maintains, through a Benevolent Fund, to assist, where possible, any BAS Club Member or dependent who is in temporary financial difficulties, or who needs temporary assistance that is not provided by government or other agencies.

The BAS club supports projects which document the Antarctic life and the work of BAS Club Members.

Brief History

A Falkland Island Dependencies Club (Fids club) appears to have been started in 1959, with Eric Salmon as its first secretary. There was no formal constitution and its main purpose seems to have been to organise reunions. There were no formal minutes of any meetings. The Falklands Islands Dependencies Survey was renamed in 1962 as the British Antarctic Survey. Thus the Fids Club became the BAS Club. By 1970 the Club was moribund and no subscriptions were collected after 1971.

BAS Club re-launch 1976

Richard Laws, as Director BAS, asked Ray Adie to hold a meeting of the BAS Club committee and decide if the Club should continue or be wound up. The meeting was held on 3 Feb 1976 and a vote to continue was passed, with Ray Adie as chairman and Jim Conroy as secretary. A formal constitution was agreed and minutes of committee and AGM meetings were kept from this date.

The elected BAS Club committee is led by a President – the first president being Sir Vivian Fuchs who was followed by Dick Laws and Barry Heywood. The current president is John Dudeney.

Newsletters (which subsequently became the BAS Club Magazine) were also initiated and are currently circulated to all members on a twice yearly basis.

‘The BAS Club operates a Data Protection Policy which is available for any persons viewing the site – click on the link to view’.

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First President Sir VIVIAN FUCHS (Sculpture by Kathleen Purburry 1975 Photo from BAS Archives)



President John Dudeney


Latest Club News

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Apples and Memorial Orchard

Hi All i have just finished the refurbishment of the Sundial in the Memorial Orchard This will hopefully keep it legible for a good few years and by installing the green shroud plate, provide further protection to the plinth timber.   There is a very good crop of apples available now for picking and are…


2026 will see seventy years since Halley ( Bay), Base Z was established . There have been two very successful reunions to celebrate Z50 and Z60 and it has been mooted that Z70 should be celebrated in a similar style. To establish if it is a viable proposal, we are looking for Fids to advise…

A new book on Antarctica!

THE LAND BENEATH THE ICE: the pioneering years of radar exploration of Antarctica Professor David Drewry, former Director of BAS and a BAS Club member, has let us know that his new book will be published early next year (2023) by Princeton University Press (PUP). The book tells the story of the decade-long programme of…

Message to Ukrainian Antarctic station Vernadsky

John Dudeney, BAS Club president, has sent the following message to Vernadsky (formerly Faraday/ Base F), on behalf of the Club: To our friends at The Ukrainian Station Vernadsky I write to you as President of the British Antarctic Survey Club on behalf of the club membership and Committee to express very strong support for…

AGM 2023 Dinner Reunion Form

AGM 2023 Dinner Reunion Form is available for download