The Fuchs Medal Award Committee is grateful to The Government of The British Antarctic Territory for its generous financial support of this annual award.


The award is intended to recognise outstanding devotion to the Survey’s interests, beyond the call of normal duty, by men or women who are or were members of the Survey, or closely connected with its work. The recipients are normally chosen from those who have made an exceptional contribution in a particular season or seasons. More than one medal may be awarded in one year but only in exceptional circumstances.

The Fuchs Medal

“The Polar Medal recognizes those who have made notable contributions to the exploration and to the knowledge of polar regions, and there are other honours bestowed by the Queen or by learned societies from time to time, but many who contribute to the work of the Survey cannot appropriately be proposed for these awards. It is for these persons, whether field workers, support personnel at the bases, or office staff, scientists or technicians, that the Fuchs Medal is primarily intended. Thus, it will reflect the concern of Sir Vivian for the well being of all members of the organization, and his interest in their activities, whatever part they play.”


Nominations may be made by any members of the Survey (past and present), or anyone closely connected with its work, who can speak with personal knowledge of a candidate’s contribution.

The proposer should act as a lead person and provide a detailed citation (a few lines are not sufficient). The citation may be supported by written submissions from supporters or by signatures to indicate a measure of broad support.The successful citation will be published in the BAS Club Magazine, so it should be of suitable quality for this purpose

Bases may also make recommendations as corporate bodies, but they should not normally submit more than one name each year. If a Base does not wish to make a nomination in a given year, this should be reported.

There is no retrospective limit to the award and a running list of unsuccessful nominations is kept. After a lapse of two or three years it is expected that past recommendations will lapse and may only be successful if they are repeated.


Members of the Fuchs Medal Award Committee will not themselves nominate candidates but may, if they wish, stimulate others to submit particular recommendations. Members of the Committee are disqualified from being candidates for the Fuchs Medal. The medal will not normally be awarded posthumously.

Timing of nominations

Nominations may be made at any time of the year, but must be submitted by 28th February 2022 to be considered for the 2022 award.


The Fuchs Medal Awards Committee appreciates suggestions for the medal inscription in the nominations.


Please address any queries in confidence to Paul Coslett (BAS Club Fuchs Medal Secretary) at:

British Antarctic Survey High Cross Madingley Road CAMBRIDGE CB3 0ET or, preferably, by email to

The closing date for this year’s nominations is 28 February 2022.

Past Recipients of the Fuchs Medal

  • 2024 — Julia Webb
  • 2023 — Alison Hunt and James (Bob) Middleton
  • 2022 — Kirsten “K” Shaw
  • 2021 — Julie Leland and Sandra McInnes
  • 2020 — Jim Scott
  • 2019 — Steve Bremner and Pete Marquis
  • 2018 — Mike Dinn
  • 2017 — James Miller
  • 2016 — David Williams
  • 2015 — Chris Hindley
  • 2014 — Crispin Day
  • 2013 — George Lemann
  • 2012 — Not awarded
  • 2011 — Kath Nicholson
  • 2010 — Steven Parker
  • 2009 — Robert Kelso Smith
  • 2008 — Clem Collins
  • 2007 — Gerry Nicholson and Sally Poncet
  • 2006 — John Hall
  • 2005 — Doug Bone and Andy Silvester
  • 2004 — Chris Elliott
  • 2003 — Stuart Lawrence
  • 2002 — Russ Ladkin
  • 2001 — Janet Thomson and Alex Gaffikin
  • 2000 — George Kistruck
  • 1999 — David Burkitt and Ashley (“Ash”) Morton
  • 1998 — Nigel Milius
  • 1997 — Simon Wright
  • 1996 — Ben Hodges
  • 1995 — Matthew Chalmers
  • 1994 — Richard Hanson
  • 1993 — Allan Wearden
  • 1992 — John Bawden
  • 1991 — Steve Eadie
  • 1990 — Derek Gipps
  • 1989 — Myriam Booth
  • 1988 — Bob Bowler
  • 1987 — Anne Todd
  • 1986 — David Rootes and Sterling Aldridge
  • 1985 — Ray Adie and Tony Escott
  • 1984 — Alan Etchells (“Dad”)
  • 1983 — Al Smith
  • 1982 — Doug Allan and Geoff Renner
  • 1981 — Jack Scotcher
  • 1980 — David Fletcher
  • 1979 — Kenn Back
  • 1978 — Terry Pye
  • 1977 — Steve Wormald
  • 1976 — Alan McManus
  • 1975 — Eleanor Honnywill and Edward Clapp
  • 1974 — David Rowley
  • 1973 — Sir Vivian Fuchs