The British Antarctic Survey (BAS) Club is a club for past employees of Operation Tabarin, the Falkland Islands Dependencies Survey (FIDS), past and present members of the British Antarctic Survey, and individuals who have been closely associated with these organisations.


The FIDS Club appears to have been started in 1959, with Eric Salmon as its first secretary. There was no formal constitution and its main purpose seems to have been to organise reunions. There were no formal minutes of any meetings. By 1970 the Club was moribund and no subscriptions were collected after 1971.

BAS Club re-launch 1976

Richard Laws, as Director BAS, asked Ray Adie to hold a meeting of the BAS Club committee and decide if the Club should continue or be wound up. The meeting was held on 3 Feb 1976 and a vote to continue was passed, with Adie as chairman and Jim Conroy as secretary. A formal constitution was agreed and minutes of committee and AGM meetings were kept from this date. Newsletters were also initiated, later changed to the BAS Club Magazine

(Source: BAS Archives Service)

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