The British Antarctic Oral History (BAOHP) Project Team consists of a mix of paid and volunteer enthusiasts, and the project relies upon the time and effort generously given by the volunteers. The project was led by Amanda Lynnes (UK Antarctic Heritage Trust) from November 2009 until November 2013, and by Joanna Rae from April-November 2009. The project is currently led by the Coordinators, made up of core members of the Project Team and representatives of the partner organisations.

Project leaders

  • Amanda Lynnes (UKAHT) (Nov 2009 – Nov 2013)
  •  Joanna Rae (BAS) (Apr-Nov 2009)

Coordinators (the management team)

  • Lisa Avis (UKAHT – UK Operations)
  • Naomi Boneham (SPRI archivist) (2009-2012)
  • Ieuan Hopkins (BAS) archives manager (2013-)
  • Lucy Martin (SPRI picture librarian) (2012-)
  • Rachel Morgan (UKAHT, Director (2009-2014)
  • Camilla Nichol (UKAHT, Chief Executive) (2014-)
  • Joanna Rae (BAS) archivist, coordinator for BAS-funded interviews
  • Andy J Smith (volunteer), volunteer transcription leader
  • Allan Wearden (volunteer), coordinator for BAS Club-funded interviews


  • Chris Eldon Lee (freelance) (Lead interviewer – audio)
  • John Tolson (freelance) (Lead interviewer – moving film)
  • Felicity Aston (freelance interviewer) (audio)
  • Trish Levido (volunteer interviewer in Australia) (audio)
  • Georgia Moodie (volunteer interviewer in Australia) (audio)


  • Peter Bird (volunteer research leader)
  • Terry Allen (volunteer)
  • Bill Block (volunteer)
  • Dave Burkitt (volunteer)
  • Melanie D’Souza (volunteer)


  • Andy J Smith (volunteer transcription leader)
  • Hillary Bachelder (volunteer)
  • John Blunn (volunteer)
  • Alan Carroll (volunteer)
  • Mike Dixon (volunteer)
  • Elizabeth Edwards (BAS employee)
  • John Edwards (volunteer)
  • Sue Edwards (volunteer)
  • Alex Gaffikin (volunteer)
  • Fiona Harding (volunteer)
  • Barry Heywood (volunteer)
  • Ken Hill (volunteer)
  • Sue Jack (volunteer)
  • Mike Jupp
  • Amy Kincaid
  • George Kistruck (volunteer)
  • Gemma Lavender (volunteer)
  • Stuart Lawrence (volunteer)
  • Mike Leach (volunteer)
  • Chris Lush (volunteer)
  • Neil MacPherson (volunteer)
  • James Madell (volunteer)
  • Rachel Morgan (volunteer)
  • David Price (volunteer)
  • Charlie Robb (volunteer)
  • Liz Morris (volunteer)
  • Murray Roberts (volunteer)
  • Madeline Russell (volunteer)
  • Maggie Russell (volunteer)
  • Dawn Sutcliffe (volunteer)
  • Simon Taylor (volunteer)
  • Carys Torres (volunteer)
  • Jonathan Walton (volunteer)
  • Allan Wearden (volunteer)
  • Catriona Zerfahs (volunteer)
  • John Zerfahs (volunteer)

Assessment for Access

  • Peter Bird (volunteer)
  • Ieuan Hopkins (BAS) – also managing the procedure and guidelines


  • Felicity Aston – basic entries for interviews she made
  • Robert Athol (BAS)
  • Ellen Bazeley-White (BAS)
  • Rachel Cox (BAS)
  • Joanne Donaghy (on UKAHT contract)
  • Chris Eldon Lee – basic entries for interviews he made
  • Ieuan Hopkins (BAS)
  • Sophie Leverington (BAS Archives volunteer)
  • Judith Lloyd-Jones (BAS Archives volunteer)
  • Alison Martin (BAS)
  • Eilís McCarthy (BAS)
  • Joanna Rae (BAS) – also managing cataloguing standards and data entry
  • Michael Reed (BAS)
  • Margaret Russell (volunteer)
  • Hayley Thomas (BAS)
  • John Tolson – basic entries for some of the interviews he made
  • Louise Watling (BAS)

Project Partners