The Database of Winterers was originally compiled by Keith Holmes, mainly from publicly available information held by the BAS Archives Service, with corrections from fellow FIDs. It continues to be updated on an annual basis from Winterers lists held by the Archives. The database records the names, occupation, year and base of over 2500 men and women who have spent at least one winter South at British Antarctic bases from 1944 to present – a total of over 4000 FID-years.


British bases are assigned a letter, former names are also listed, as follows:

A Port Lockroy
B Deception Island
BI Bird Island
C Sandefjord Bay
D Hope Bay
E Stonington, also Stonington Island/Marguerite Bay
F Faraday, also Argentine Islands
Fw Wordie House
G Admiralty Bay
H Signy, also Signy Island
J Prospect Point
KG Fossil Bluff
M King Edward Point, also Grytviken/South Georgia
N Anvers Island
O Danco Island
R Rothera, also Rothera Point
T Adelaide, Adelaide Island
W Detaille Island
Y Horseshoe Island
Z Halley, also Halley Bay

Non-British bases:

Belgrano (Argentine)

Acknowledgements and corrections

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Errors can be reported to the BAS Archives Service.