Here you can view recordings in tabulated form and perform a variety of searches, to find individual recordings including descriptions, transcripts, audio and video recordings, in playable and downloadable formats.

Data in the index table below originates from the BAS Archives database. Please be aware that detailed indexing of people, places and subjects has not been completed in all cases and, although searchable, not all search terms are visible in the table.

How To Search

To search for a name of an individual

  • Type the name into the search box at the top of the index table. (This will bring up all instances of that individual, either as an interviewee or as a person mentioned by another interviewee), or;
  • Type the name of an individual into the search boxes underneath the ‘Interviewee’ or ‘People Mentioned’ columns (to bring up entries only within that specific column).

To search for a place

  • Type the place name into the search box at the top of the index or underneath the ‘Location’ column.
  • Note, a search for ‘Deception’ will include Deception Island Station and Deception Island.  A search for ‘South Shetland Islands’ will also bring up Deception Island, and, for example, King George Island.

To search for a subject keyword

  • Type a word into the search box at the top of the index or underneath the ‘Subject Keywords’ column.
  • Note, subject keywords cover a wide range of subjects, including activities and things. A search for ‘dog’ for example, will bring up ‘Dog, team, The Girls’, ‘Sledging, dog’, ‘Dogs, breeding programme’ etc.

Copyright & Permissions

Unless otherwise stated, copyright in the recordings and transcripts of the British Antarctic Oral History Project (BAOHP) is owned by N.E.R.C.- B.A.S. BAOHP funding partners have non-exclusive use of all the material produced as part of the BAOHP in the promotion of their activities and charitable objectives.

Individuals are permitted to download copies of this material for private research use only.

For enquiries about any further use of this material, for example publication or broadcast, including via the web, please contact BAS Archives Service.

Disclaimer & Takedown Policy


Please note that oral histories are memories of events, not factual records.


Takedown Policy

In making material available online the British Antarctic Survey Archives Service and BAOHP Partners act in good faith. However, despite these safeguards, we recognise that from time to time material published online may contain sensitive personal data, or include content that may be regarded as obscene or defamatory.  If you are concerned that you have found material on our website for which you have not given permission, contravenes privacy laws, is obscene / defamatory and in terms of copyright law is not covered by a limitation or exception, please contact the British Antarctic Survey Archives Service in writing stating the following:

  1. Your contact details.
  2. The full details of the material.
  3. The exact and full url where you found the material, and the archives reference number.
  4. The reason for your request including but not limited to copyright law, privacy laws, data protection, obscenity, defamation etc.

Upon receipt of notification the Project Coordinators will:

  • Acknowledge receipt of your complaint by email or letter and will make an initial assessment of the validity and plausibility of the complaint.
  • Temporarily remove the material from the BAOHP website pending an agreed solution.
  • Assess the complaint under relevant legislation, for example the Data Protection Act 1998, and, where relevant or possible, may contact the interviewee and notify them of the nature of the complaint.
  • Restrict access to any potentially defamatory statement, where this is believed to be untrue and damaging to a third party, pending review after the subject’s death. Where the truth or harmfulness of statements is less clear, the risks and benefits of making that portion of in interview available will be assessed. Normally if the subject of statements in an interview complains that they are defamatory, access to these statements will be removed.
  • Endeavour to resolve the issue swiftly, amicably and to the satisfaction of all parties.

This process will lead to one of the following outcomes:

  • The material is replaced on the BAOHP website unchanged.
  • The material is replaced on the BAOHP website with changes.
  • The material is permanently removed from the website.

Please note that if the parties are unable to agree a solution, the material will remain unavailable through the BAOHP website until a time when a resolution has been reached.

Further Information

More information about the oral history recordings, the history of Operation Tabarin, FIDS and BAS in general is available from the BAS Archives Service. Visitors are welcome, by prior appointment. Please contact BAS Archives Service with any queries.

The Scott Polar Research Institute holds the interviews undertaken for their Polar oral history programme. A list of interviews held is available on their website.

 Related Recorded Interviews

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If you would like to help the project as volunteer transcriber please contact Allan Wearden (01254 247541) or Andy Smith.

Expressions of interest from any organisation or individual wishing to contribute financially to the project, to facilitate further interviews, would be very welcome to get in touch.

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