Kenn Back Appeal – Success!

The response to the appeal to BAS Club Members to help Kenn has been overwhelming.  Funds have poured in from Fids all over the world, most of whom know or knew Kenn but many who do not. At the time of writing over £8,700 has been raised so the initial “target” of £1,500 has been…

Obituary – Professor David Walton

I have some very sad news about Professor David Walton – he has just passed away due to a massive heart attack.

David was an ecologist in BAS for over 40 years since 1967. He was head of terrestrial biology and then head of the Environment Information Division until his retirement. He had a long and distinguished career in BAS and was recognised for his Antarctic expertise worldwide.

Kenn Back – Appeal

Following from Dog Holden: BAS Club Member, Kenn Back, is well-known to several generations of Fids, having spent 8 Winters and even more summers on several different bases during the 1960s and 70s.  After BAS, Kenn spent many years on and around the Falkland Islands, South Georgia and southern of Argentina and Chile (not to…