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The latest bulletin is out from the UK AHT. You can read all the articles on their website and a couple are reproduced below….
Port Lockroy Team Selection – Port Lockroy selection has a reputation of being an exhausting, interesting and fun-packed two days and this year was no exception. The team of 12 candidates all gathered at an outdoor centre near Wellingborough on the 15th May for an evening together before two full on days with the 11 strong UKAHT selection team.

Request for help: study designed to investigate the experience of Antarctic employment

I am a student at the University of Tasmania and have an interest in Antarctic research as my father-in-law and husband have spent considerable time ‘down south’. I’m completing a Uni survey which looks at the positive effects of deployment to Antarctica and was hoping you might be able to publish the link to the short survey on your site or Facebook. It’s completely anonymous, and I have included the study invitation which links to the online survey.

Drumlins gulf of bothnia

Atlas of polar seafloor unveiled

The most comprehensive and high-resolution atlas of the seafloor of both Polar Regions is presented this week (Tuesday 25 April) at the European Geosciences Union General Assembly (EGU) in Vienna. Over 250 marine geologists and glaciologists from around the world have spent the last four years collating stunning seafloor and glacial landform images to publish the new Atlas of Submarine Glacial Landforms. This new compilation enables researchers to interpret the history of the Earth’s large ice sheets and view how environmental change has re-shaped the continents.