Painting by Colin Brown – ex Stonnington 48/50

Colin Brown’s brother George has sent a picture of a painting done by Colin showing a plane landing at Stonnington -presumeably in either 1948 or 1949.

Colin was a Surveyor at Stonnington in years 1948/50 when Sir Vivian Fuchs was BC. Colin had a place named after him – CAPE BROWN – entrance point of George VI Sound

George has produced a booklet concerning his brother Colin’s life down South – it is intended that this will be reproduced in the next magazine due out in December 2015

Books for sale – money to Benevolent Fund

Left over from the 2015 AGM club sales are a small selection of Books donated by members with all proceeds going to the Benevolent Fund 4 x copies ‘Cry Argentina’ by Ian Sykes – signed 1 x copy of ‘South of Sixty’ by Mike Warr 1 x copy of ‘Murder in the Antarctic’ by Mike Warr 3 x copies of ‘The Doggy Men’ by Hwfa Jones

All at £5 a copy + P&P — available from Tony Wincott – Club Secretary –

Payment by PAYPAL or by CHEQUE

BAS Club mugs on sale

We have two gorgeous new mugs added to the BAS Club’s extensive range of merchandise. The two white Durham mugs feature paintings by artist Mike Skidmore. They are on sale now at £7.50 from our suppliers

The mugs display paintings of BASC Sledge Dog – Changi and BASC Husky Dog Team – The Hobbits.

2015 Kavli Medal and Lecture

2015 Kavli Medal and Lecture

Continental loss: the quest to determine Antarctica’s contribution to sea-level change The 2015 Kavli Medal and Lecture will be given by Professor Matt A King from the University of Tasmania, Australia. Professor King was awarded the Kavli Medal for his research in field glaciology, leading to the first reconciled estimate of ice sheet contribution to sea…

Committee News

The committee are delighted to welcome Beverley Agar as our Minutes Recorder.  Bev currently works at BAS Cambridge in the Polar Records Department. Thank you and farewell to Kate, the outgoing recorder who is leaving BAS for travel in New Zealand.

Picture of BAS Club Membership Secretary, Dog Holden

Committee News!

Dog Holden, BAS Club Membership Secretary since 2011, stood down from this post at the recent Committee Meeting on 12 February 2015. Dog had originally intended not to stand for re-election at the June 2014 AGM. However, the fact that there was at that time much work still to do on the changes to subscriptions…