Painting by Colin Brown – ex Stonnington 48/50

Colin Brown’s brother George has sent a picture of a painting done by Colin showing a plane landing at Stonnington -presumeably in either 1948 or 1949.

Colin was a Surveyor at Stonnington in years 1948/50 when Sir Vivian Fuchs was BC. Colin had a place named after him – CAPE BROWN – entrance point of George VI Sound

George has produced a booklet concerning his brother Colin’s life down South – it is intended that this will be reproduced in the next magazine due out in December 2015

Books for sale – money to Benevolent Fund

Left over from the 2015 AGM club sales are a small selection of Books donated by members with all proceeds going to the Benevolent Fund 4 x copies ‘Cry Argentina’ by Ian Sykes – signed 1 x copy of ‘South of Sixty’ by Mike Warr 1 x copy of ‘Murder in the Antarctic’ by Mike Warr 3 x copies of ‘The Doggy Men’ by Hwfa Jones

All at £5 a copy + P&P — available from Tony Wincott – Club Secretary –

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